Shipment Protection


Did you know USPS and other carriers can lose 3% of shipments a year? Over 4.38 billion lost pieces.

In addition, about 10% of shipped goods may be damaged?

Here at The Flavor Gang we do our best to protect your products, but we cannot control what the shippers do.

Review more details below!

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The Details!

Sleep with a piece of mind knowing your products is produced.

Shipment protection allows for our guests to worry less. This is up to $100.00 Value USD. If your checkout order is $200.00 please click quantity of 2.

This will cover end to end of the following:

  • Reshipments: Within the United States if a package were to be rerouted without fault to the guest, we protect it. Shipped back to you at no cost! If the address is incorrect, the shipment price is repaid by the guest.
  • Damaged goods: If an item came damaged during the shipment route, we will replace the damaged good/s. This is again, only on the damaged item
  • Lost: If the package is determined lost by USPS/ UPS we will reship the product back to you!


  • Don’t be silly! If an address was written incorrectly, or the guest has forgotten to place in their APT, APO, SUITE number. Shipment protection does NOT apply. The guest will need to remit the shipping costs.
  • If a bottle happened to break in transit and got over another bottle. We will replace the bottle that is broken, NOT the one that can be wiped down and rinsed.
  • If a bag of Bowl o’ Gainz had been damaged in transit but got over another bag. We will replace the bag that is broken, NOT the one that can be wiped down and rinsed.

Fun Facts:

  • We do everything in house! Why does this matter? We care. We will never ship out a box that has not past our 3 point quality control on shipment.
    1. Initial count and review of the product
    2. Count and review of the product after placed in the shipment box
    3. Final seal and review of the seal.
  • We are not the shipping company. We utilize UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. Once it’s out of our hands we cannot control what happens from driver to driver.

Due Diligence:

  • If your package is missing but shows delivered. Please check around
    1. Did a roommate bring it in
    2. Did this get placed in the wrong locker in a community locker
    3. Did you already consume and forgot
    4. Did this get delivered to a neighbor
    5. Did you check with your delivery driver

Reaching out:

  • You’ve exhausted everything and you had paid for shipment protection.
  • Please email us on the contact form with the information and we’ll review it!

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