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Some Marketing Tips:

  • A little effort goes a long way. Tell your clients, friends followers about your favorite products, and create a basic cooking demo or even a sauce-pairing video


  • Avoid words like “the best”. Food is subjective, describe why you like certain items.


  • The word “best” is lazy, there are 10,000,000 “best” protein powders.


  • As you probably know, our marketing pushes some boundaries i.e cream pie, so don’t be AFRAID to have some fun. We created Flavor Gang for a lot of reasons, one of them being to have FUN.

Some Marketing Tips:

  • Your affiliate code gives your followers 5% off


  • You receive a 5% commission of all sales AFTER you hit the $50 commission threshold


  • You will receive a 10% commission of all sales AFTER you hit the $300 dollar commission threshold.


  • You will receive a 50% off code for monthly care packages if you hit $500 commission each month.